How to add/verify beneficiary in Bank of Baroda

By | January 2, 2018

How to add/verify beneficiary in Bank of Baroda: Check the steps to add and confirm a new beneficiary in bob using bobibanking. Also check how to Activate Bank of Baroda Beneficiary.

First, we provide details of the beneficiary account.

A beneficiary is that person to whom, you want to add to the third party in your bobibanking account.

By internet banking facility, you can transfer a fund to the third party, but you need to add the beneficiary.

You can add two beneficiaries of any bank in a day with your account.

After doing two registrations, the registration link will be deactivated.

To add beneficiary in BOB, first, you will need to log in your account by visiting

Here you will see a fund transfer option; you need to click on it then select nonbank account transfer option.

After that select register, new beneficiary and enter the details of beneficiary then click on submit.

After that, you can transfer funds by adding the beneficiary.

How to Transfer funds online- NEFT/RTGS

Bank of Baroda Internet Banking Users can transfer funds online (NEFT/ RTGS) in three steps:


How to add beneficiary in BOB using BOBIBANKING

Add Beneficiary in BOB

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  • Then select your user account (corporate/ retail banking).
add inter bank beneficiary in bank of baroda

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  • After that login page will be open on your system screen.
  • You need to enter user ID and click ‘enter’ then fill password in next page and again click ‘enter’.
bob add beneficiary

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  • Now you will enter in your bobibanking account. Here you will see an option of ‘transfer fund’.
  • You need to click on it.
add intra bank beneficiary in bob

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  • Next, click on nonbank account transfer (NEFT/RTGS) in next page then the nonbank page will be open, and you need to click on ‘register new beneficiary’.
intra bank beneficiary add bob

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  • You will need to fill enter beneficiary details. First, enter the beneficiary name then NEFT IFSC, RTGS IFSC, beneficiary account number, re-enter account number then click on continue ‘button’.
how to add beneficiary in bob

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  • In next page, you will confirm beneficiary details then click on ‘send for confirmation’.
how to add beneficiary in bobibanking

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  • You will see your beneficiary account details in next page.
  • That means adding beneficiary is successful.
  • Now you will transfer fund to adding the beneficiary.
how to add beneficiary in bank of baroda net banking

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One time process for Beneficiary Confirmation for each beneficiary

  • After entered and submitted the beneficiary details, a tracker ID received by you through SMS & email ID that you have registered earlier at the time of getting this facility.
  • You will have to go through the link “Beneficiary Confirmation” & then provide the tracker ID received.
  • You will see the details of your beneficiary that will display after keying in tracker ID.
  • Click “CONFIRM BENEFICIARY” link for confirming the registration of the beneficiary.

Make Payment By Using BOB Internet Banking

After adding beneficiary and confirmation, a user can send the money easily. The detailed information is given below.

  • First of all, click ‘Make Payment’ link available on the Main page under ‘Transfer to Other Banks-NEFT/RTGS’.
  • Then, choose the registered beneficiary to whom you want to send money from the drop-down.
  • Then, you will need to click ‘Get details’ option to get the details about the beneficiary.
  • Now, you will have to fill the mount details.
  • After this, Select the debit account details from the list by drop-down after ensuring that you have sufficient balance available in your account.
  • Then, you can enter your remark for payment.
  • The Corporate User can go through valid rules as to numbers of approvers will be available there for the inputted transaction money.
  • In case more than one approvers are there then, the next approver may be selected with the Lookup menu.
  • The initiator can either be approved the transaction individually or have it verified by multiple approvals.
  • Now, click on “Pay” button. If the transaction amount is under Rs.100000, the system will ask for User ID & Transaction Password.
  • This will treat as NEFT transaction.
  • And If the transaction money is more than Rs.100000 then the system prompts it to select RTGS / NEFT.
  • If you select RTGS then the system will prompt for you to fill the address details of the beneficiary (for the 1st time only) and then the system will ask you for entering your user ID & transaction password.

Special Note:

Whenever the same beneficiary is chosen again the address information will be populated & the user can do necessary corrections if required.

If any corrections are made by the user then simply click on update button and then the system will prompt to enter User ID & the Transaction Password.

If no corrections needed then click on continue tab and fill your user ID and transaction password.

NOTE: The Online money transfer cannot be done on RTGS/NEFT holidays & after cut off time.

However, the Online NEFT can proceed even on holidays & after the cut off time.

The condition is that the amount will be credited to the beneficiary bank account on the next working day.

How to View Beneficiary/Payments made

  • In the List of registered beneficiaries link, the feature is available to check all beneficiaries successfully registered by the user.
  • Such beneficiaries can delete whenever not required.
  • In Unregistered beneficiaries list, You can check all the pending Beneficiary list for confirmation.
  • Once the beneficiaries confirmed successfully, then the same will not be displayed. in the available list.
  • Under View payments made option,  you can check all NEFT and RTGS payments and about their current status along with the UTR (Unique Transaction No).
  • However, the UTR is available in case of online NEFT only after the fund transfer confirmation to the beneficiary bank.
  • In the case of online RTGS,  the UTR is available when the transaction made.

Useful Tips

  • You should keep the secrecy of Signon & the Tracker ID and Transaction passwords safe that you have got through SMS or e-mail id.
  • You do not divulge it (passwords and tracker ID) to anyone, in any case, to keep safe.
  • Ensure that both the Signon and the transaction passwords are unique and different.
  • For any clarification or if you have any doubt about adding beneficiary process or payment related issue then you may contact through e-mail: “[email protected]”.

Note: This web page is dedicated to the “How to add beneficiary in BOB (BOBIBANKING)”.

So, you can bookmark this web page and visit here again to get the latest updates about adding beneficiary process or payment related updates.

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