How to Login BOB Corporate Banking

By | May 20, 2017

How to Login BOB Corporate Banking: Hello dear users, here through this article we are going to provide you information about corporate banking service of BOB.

Corporate banking is one the most valuable service.

Because it refers companies the structure of Corporate Banking particular design for the corporation and business sector.

The need of corporate sector is different from the need of individual candidate.

Bank of Baroda also offers corporate banking facility to their customers with the banking experience of 60 years.

Bank understands the needs of business and now with the dynamic change in the banking sector, it becomes necessary that bank provides all the avail facility to their customers.

As we understand business requirement in changing times and endeavor to support existing corporate needs and promote upcoming entrepreneurs.

Even bob lends services to viable commercial projects through an array of corporate and SME banking projects.

Now it’s all depends on Bank of Baroda customers how they will avail of this one facility to be with bank and facility which BOB provides.

All the connected customers will get many types of benefits so that they may get or do whatever they want in their current condition.

Now take a look at a below image which will lead you what are exact terms and conditions etc to avail of it.

How to login BOB corporate Banking

We are here to inform you that how to login corporate banking.

Even there is good news for all the BOB customers as they know that Bank of Baroda provides corporate banking to their customers.

So that growth in business of customers never less anyhow.

As far we know that when the bank is providing this facility to their customers so that may grow in business, it proves that bank cares about their customers.

When a bank is ready to provide you beneficial faculty so, we think you had better avail of it as well.

You may be able to avail of it very easily we are going to provide you so simple steps so that you may easily login corporate banking.

Before going for login kindly have all the required details that are necessary to fill.

You have to remember that if you are having any kind of hindrance due to steps then take a simple look at the below-mentioned image.

This will clear your doubts and leads you to complete your task.

Step to login BOB corporate banking

    • Firstly, Visit the reputed official site of Bank of Baroda
    • Now, on new page of Bank of Baroda click on below link that is “Corporate user.”
How to Login BOB Corporate Banking 1

click on the image to enlarge

    • After that corporate e-banking page will display on your screen where you need to enter “Corporate Id” and “User Id” and after filling the correct information click on the enter button.
How to Login BOB Corporate Banking 2

click on the image to enlarge

  • Thereafter proceed to the further process of corporate banking in Bank of Baroda.

Features & Facilities of BOB Corporate banking

Dear user, in this part of the tutorial we are informing you about the features/facilities of corporate banking.

What all the features/facilities are there which you will be able to avail of.

So, you had better read all the given mentioned instructions carefully.

So that you may get ins and outs information regarding it all together.

Features of BOB Corporate Banking:

  • Customer’s relevant services: Features of Bank of Baroda connect corporate banking. This is so good that its design to provide customers relevant services.
  • Corporate net banking: It has many products in it.With the help of corporate net banking, corporate user access services of the bank without visiting bank branches.
  • A current deposit account: It is an ideal account for companies, firm and non-individual.  BOB Corporate internet banking provides a current account to business holders. In that service, you get the free chequebook. Also, you can view all the transactions that had taken place in your account.
  • Fixed deposit: It is an ideal service with the higher interest rate for customers, but only when you can save more money for a specified period. Enjoy the security and competitive range of fixed deposit.
  • Loan products: Loan products of corporate banking are also so attractive there different types of loans are available for the different seekers of the loan. And other so many facilities exist in corporate banking in Bank of Baroda.

Facilities of BOB Corporate Banking

  • Transfer funds: You can transfer funds immediately or schedule for the future date to self-linked & third party.
  • Pay through online Tax: You can pay online tax – Direct and Indirect Taxes such as Excise Duty, Service Tax, Customs Duty, Income Tax etc.
  • Pay-utility bills: Bills you can pay for electricity, mobile etc, Donations, Subscription, and Travel Plan Booking Online.
  • Pay Institution: you can pay the fee of institutional & Schools
  • View: You can view all trades finance related facilities availed. Export/Import LC, Inland/Export Bills, Forward Contracts Banks Guarantees, Packing Credit account etc.
  • Requests: Additionally a corporate user can set up multiple workflows of initiators and approvers and approvers for transactions and requests.

There is “NO LIMIT” on the transfer of funds between self-linked accounts within BOB for Retail Users.

For corporate customers, there can be different limits for different after approval from the respective Zonal/Regional authority of the Bank.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope that it will help you for BOB Corporate Internet Banking procedure and also inform you about the important feature of it.

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