How to Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username

By | May 30, 2017

How to Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username: If you forgot your BOB Username for Internet Banking then you can easily retrieve it using BOBIBANKING (The official Website of Bank of Baroda).

Now a day everybody is using net banking facilities which are provided by the Bank of Baroda and other private and government bank.

Through the net banking system, a customer can do their work without visiting bank using their user id and password.

Mostly customer has multiple accounts for different types of platform.

So it’s difficult to remember the login username or password of all account.

Well, those people who forgot their username and don’t know that “How to Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username” can easily Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username after reading this article. We are providing the procedure to retrieve username.

But before this learn some of the important information which you need to know before these.

Net Banking user collect their user id at the time of registration, which helps them to access their account.

But Somehow if you forget your user id or want to retrieve it, each bank has their specific procedure.

Here we are offering you the process of retrieve User Id for the customers of Bank of Baroda.

Disadvantage of losing BOB Username

Internet Banking indicates banking facilities offered to the customers, on Internet, but in case you forget about User Id you will no longer able to access Net Banking facilities.

Net banking facility, help you to access your bank account from office/ house using computer/ device with internet connections.

Without a Valid user Id you cannot access this major facility:-

  • View balances in all linked accounts
  • Print and save statement of accounts
  • Print and save mini statement
  • Query on the transaction date, amount, debit or credit, cheque no. etc
  • Cheque status inquiry
  • View the nonfinancial activities made
  • Transfer funds in self/linked accounts
  • Change password / Reset BOB Password
  • BOB IMPS Fund Transfer – Transfer funds through Third Party Transfers
  • View Trade finance details (for Corporate Users)
  • Modeling for Deposit and Loans (Maturity calculator and EMI calculator)
  • Bills module (utility bills)

Tips to Secure BOB Net Banking Username

When you register to use the Internet banking service for the first time, you will get your User id send by the Bank by post (to your communication address).

  • In order to access the Internet banking service, you must log in using your User id and Sign-on password.
  • You can change your User Name/Id at any time to secure area of the Internet banking service.
  • Never write your User id or share with someone.
  • Taking care to ensure that no-one else hears or sees User id.
  • Must Keep your User id, Sign-on password, Transaction password or any One time password unique to the Internet banking service you use.
  • Do Not tell anyone ( include your Joint Account holder) your User id, Sign-on password, Transaction password or any One time password or Tracker id.  Bank will never ask for your username and password.
  • Keep your computer secure by using anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software;
  • Never accessing our Internet banking service through a link sent to you in an email and logging in using your User id and Sign-on password.

How to Retrieve BOB net banking Username

To Login into Net Banking, you must need to enter valid User id and password.

But in case you have forgotten about net banking Username/User Id you can retrieve it.

For Retail Banking Customers – Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username

  • Visit the official website of Bank of Baroda which is
change forgot username bob

click on the image to enlarge

  • Select Retail User Profile new page opens for entering user ID.
  • After that, A new page opens for entering user ID.
  • Then, Click on the link “Don’t Know User Id?, Click Here”
bobibanking forgot username

click on the image to enlarge

  • Enter your 14 digit account number, registered mobile number (prefixed with country code) and registered email id.
how to change forgot usernameof bank of baroda

click on the image to enlarge

  • On entering the correct details, OTP would be sent on the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP so received on your handset.
  • The User ID would be sent on your registered email id

In case of the error message and entered ‘DETAILS NOT MATCHED‘ you will not receive OTP,  therefore make sure you are entering the correct credentials.

Contact your branch to get the details updated. Retail users may also contact our

Contact your branch to get the details updated. Retail users may also contact our toll-free numbers 1800223344, 18001024455 for getting the user id for your account.

For Corporate Users – Retrieve BOB Net Banking Username

There are different ways to retrieve forgotten username for Corporate User.

To recollect User Id Corporate Users need to contact your base branch for the mentioned issue.

So this is the complete tutorial about how to retrieve

In case of OTP delays

In case you are getting OTP after delays which lead to the expiry of OTP.

The Mobile OTP application is available to resolve the issue for OTP delays problems.

This app will help you manually generate the OTP on your mobile handset instead of receiving it through SMS.

Activation of Mobile OTP application will involve below steps:-

  • Downloading of Mobile OTP application on handsets.
  • Download the CA Mobile OTP application from respective app stores.
  • However, this requires subsequent activation through their Net banking portals.
  • Login to Baroda Connect Portal with User ID.
  • Register and Activate Mobile OTP through SERVICES option in net banking
  • Enter user id and transaction password and submit
  • SMS on registered mobile, containing URL and details of activation will be received.
  • Click on the URL received on registered mobile.
  • It will direct the user to CA MOBILE OTP software and click on save.
  • After saving the details.It will automatically prompt user to set pin for CA MOBILE OTP
  • OTP can be generated by the user by opening the CA MOBILE OTP software in mobile handset & entering the PIN and clicking on generate.

So this is the complete tutorial about how to retrieve Bob net banking username using official website of Bank of Baroda.

For more information related to Bank of Baroda Internet Banking, you should bookmark this web page.

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